Fillings are placed when there are cavities or holes in teeth caused by tooth decay. Tooth decay is a preventable disease if there is minimal sugar in the diet and teeth are cleaned correctly. Once a cavity forms then there is no choice but to do a filling as teeth cannot repair themselves in these situations.

A white tooth filling is also known as a composite filling and this is a filling that matches the colour of your original tooth to give it a more tooth-like appearance.


If you require a filling the dentist will prepare the tooth under a local anaesthetic. The local anaesthetic will be given first to numb the gum and the tooth so you do not feel any pain whilst the filling is being done. Once the anaesthetic has taken effect the dentist will start to remove any old filling/decay with a fast hand-piece that has water to cool the bur that is removing the old filling/decay, if you feel any sensitivity to cold please inform your dentist as you may need a little more local anaesthetic.

Once the old filling/decay is removed the dentist will then use a slower hand-piece that does not produce water to remove any remaining without damaging the natural tooth. Once the tooth is prepared the dentist will then start to fill your tooth in three stages.

First, a gel is applied to microscopically roughen the inside of the tooth, this is washed off after a few seconds. Then he will use a bond that helps seal the filling within the tooth. Sometimes a curing (blue) light is used to set the bond. The dentist will then select the colour of the filling material so it matches your tooth and starts to build up the tooth.

Depending on the size of the cavity the dentist may cure (use the blue light) several times and build up the filling in layers. Once the filling is in place the dentist will then shape the filling and check that when you bite down it does not sit proud in the mouth. The dentist may ask you to bite down on a piece of blue paper and tap your teeth together as this will indicate to him where the high points of the filling are and to ensure you are biting together equally.

Once the procedure is completed the dentist will give you some post-operative instructions as you will still be numb but otherwise you can continue your day as normal.


Small Filling: From £159.50
Medium Filling: From £181.50
Large Filling: From £214.40

Fissure Sealant: From £38.50

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