Cosmetic Composite Bonding


If you have broken, cracked, discoloured or even teeth, then composite bonding treatment may be right for you. Also, if you have gaps between the teeth or if your bridges are broken or worn, then this treatment can provide a solution.

Composite bonding is where composite (white) filling is added to the edges of the tooth to repair any imperfections and help give you the perfect smile. Composite bonding can be completed in one appointment and compared to other cosmetic procedures, the minor adjustments are comfortable and painless.

The main benefits of composite bonding are that no injections are required during the treatment, no major adjustments or drilling is done to the natural tooth and you can achieve same-day results.

To find out more, book an initial consultation today to see if you are suitable for this procedure.


The composites themselves are all done in one appointment if we can depending on your needs but sometimes you may require more than one appointment, however, we will always book a consultation appointment first.

The great majority of all cases are completely pain-free and without the need for local anaesthetic although a local anaesthetic may be required if your teeth are sensitive or badly broken down. For cases that require tooth adjustment, you will be advised beforehand in the consultation appointment.

The tooth surface is thoroughly cleaned and then prepared with a gel that roughens the surface microscopically. The putty-like composite resin material is then applied using special instruments and brushes to sculpt to the desired shape, often in several layers. Using a special light, the material is then hardened. Further layers can then be added accordingly. The procedure is then completed with smoothing of the tooth surface and polishing.


Cosmetic Composite Bonding: from £250 per tooth
Composite bonding consultation: £50

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