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Smile Makeover

We understand how important a great smile is. Your smile can have a significant impact on your confidence and can make you feel amazing. At Cheshire Dental Centre, we offer a fully customised treatment plan so that you can achieve the best smile possible.

Depending on your needs we offer a full smile makeover, which could include clear braces, composite bonding, crowns, bridges, implants and whitening.

We offer two types of clear braces, either Invisalign or Quick Straight teeth, dependent again on your needs.

Composite bonding is a technique where a composite (white) filling material is used to build up the tooth/teeth, reshape the teeth so they are in alignment with your natural teeth.

Crowns can be used where teeth are heavily filled or broken down to support the natural tooth and improve the appearance.

If you have missing teeth and there are gaps present there is two option to fill the gap, either by a bridge or an implant. If you want a whiter smile we offer two whitening systems, either Boutique Whitening or Enlighten, both options would be discussed with you at your consultation appointment.

To discover what treatments can best help your smile journey, request a consultation through our website today.

Appointment Information

During your consultation, the dentist will go through all the possible treatment options to give you the best result whilst managing your expectations. You will be given a full treatment plan detailing the treatment required including costs. We also offer finance options with an independent financial company to help you manage any costs involved.


The total cost depends on each individual’s treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a Smile Makeover take?

This is completely dependent on your treatment plan after the consultation. You can find out more about each treatment and their timeframes in our Services menu on the website.

How will I know exactly what treatments I need?

Just head to ‘Book Consultation’ at the top or bottom of this page to request a constellation for our Smile Makeover service and one of our expert dentists will see to a customised treatment plan for you.

Can I have a Smile Makeover as a new patient?

Of course, we would just need to register you to the practice with a quick and easy form and book a new patient examination to check the overall health of your mouth.