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Short Term Orthodontics


Cheshire Dental Centre is an approved dentist of the incredible braces and aligners that have provided thousands of people with their dream smile.

Clear aligners offer an alignment solution without metal braces. It is a straightening system that has been developed to be a quick, discreet and very cost-effective alternative for patients not wanting traditional braces. Unlike other invisible braces, it does not rely on one standard aligner, there are 5 different types to suit individual needs.

We can also offer the Clear Correct braces, which use teeth-coloured wires to be nearly invisible in the mouth. The 3M material used makes the brace perform exceedingly well, correcting only the 6 – 8 front teeth with mild force and minimal pressure.

To find out if you are suitable for and if it’s the right alignment treatment for you, call us or book a consultation today!


Stage 1: Your Consultation

All patients are welcome to our consultations. We spend time addressing your dental worries, which helps us find the most suitable treatment option for you.

Stage 2: Measurements
If you are found to be a suitable candidate, then your treatment can begin. Your 6-month Smiles brace will be custom-made according to the structure of your teeth to provide optimum results for your dental situation.

Stage 3: Bespoke braces
Your brace is realigned and adjusted every 4-5 weeks, according to the movement of your teeth, until they sit in the desired position.

Stage 4: Treatment begins
When the brackets and wires are fitted, these will remain on your teeth for the entirety of the treatment. But, as the material used is so discreet, the 6-month Smiles brace is a great alternative to other noticeable systems.

Stage 5: Treatment is complete
When you and the dentist are satisfied with the position of your teeth and feel that no more work is needed to create your perfect smile, you are free to show off your rejuvenated smile to the masses.

Clear Correct

Clear Correct invisible braces require a periodic change of the clear aligners. How frequently a person needs to replace the aligner and how many aligners they end up needing during the treatment depend on the severity of the problem and the type of treatment a person chooses.

The treatment setups with Clear Correct are similar to Invisalign. They start with a consultation with the Clear Correct provider. When determining how long Clear Correct takes, that will depend on the treatment option and your needs, though most patients require at least a year to see results.

Clear Correct Treatment Options

Clear Correct has three treatment options:

  • Clear Correct Limited 6 treatment: The Limited 6 treatment option provides a patient with six sets of Clear Correct aligners. Typically, Limited 6 is offered to correct a minor alignment issue.
  • Clear Correct Limited 12 treatment: With the Limited 12 plan, a patient gets 12 sets of aligners.
  • Clear Correct Unlimited: The unlimited plan provides a patient with as many aligners as needed to correct the issue fully. Patients with severe malocclusion issues will get the best Clear Correct results with this option. This plan also costs the most of the options.

6-Month Smiles


6-month Smiles® offers you brilliant results, which are completed within a very short space of time.

Most other braces are worn for around 1 to 3 years and may require noticeable metal brackets, but 6-month Smiles® is a different kind of brace. Using white brackets and clear wires, the system is able to effectively and discreetly straighten teeth within a fraction of the usual time.

Is the treatment painful?

6-month Smiles is one of the gentlest brace systems available, but as with any brace system, there may be some minor discomfort o begin with. This will soon subside, but you can choose to take ibuprofen or paracetamol to alleviate the initial pain if needed.


Initial Orthodontic Consultation: £90 inc exam
Quick Straight Fixed Appliance (per arch): £845
Quick Straight Teeth Aligners (up to 10 aligners): £899
Retainer (per arch): £350

We also offer alternative orthodontic straightening services, which can be discussed in your consultation:
Six Month Smile: From £1975.00 per arch
Clear Correct: From £2500.00

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Quick Straight Teeth treatment take?

The total duration of treatment will depend on the complexity of the treatment. The average treatment time is 1 – 6 months depending on complexity. You will be given an estimation of the total treatment time after a consultation with your dentist.

Are there restrictions on what I can eat during the treatment?

Unlike traditional orthodontic braces, made with metal wires and brackets, you are able to practically eat anything during the Clear Correct treatment although you should stay clear from currys, red wine or anything that may discolour the tooth coloured elastics that support the wire. Naturally, your teeth will be a little sensitive during any orthodontic treatment, so you should be sensible when eating “hard” foods.
Our treatment allows you to remove your clear braces quickly and comfortably when it comes to eating, so you won’t be restricted from any of your favourite foods or drinks.

Remember to brush and floss your teeth after each meal before re-inserting your aligner!

Will I definitely need a retainer after treatment?

Yes, definitely – teeth have a tendency to continually move throughout a lifetime, so the more we can do to prevent that, the better.