Top Reasons to Get Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are the thin layer of porcelain placed over the top of a tooth to improve appearance and repair damage. When you feel that your teeth do not look their best, or discover that you have a cavity, your dentist will utilize this option to keep your teeth protected and beautiful. Whenever most people think about veneers, they think about filling in a hole left after a cavity has been emptied of decayed tooth material. However, there are many reasons people choose to use this option, and many of them are covered under dental insurance.


As you age, the natural enamel on your teeth begins to thin, which can cause the natural yellow begin to show. Other outside sources of staining include tobacco, smoke, dark liquids such as coffee, and periodontal disease. Whatever the underlying cause, yellowing teeth can cause your self-esteem to suffer, and may not make a good impression with the people that hold influence over your life. Dental veneers made of porcelain look, feel, and function exactly the same way your natural teeth do, and you get to enjoy beautiful, white teeth after the procedure. Once stains have set into your teeth, your dentist may offer this option as a solution.

Chips and Cracks

Dental veneers may be used to cover chips and cracks in your teeth to prevent further damage. Veneers are often the first solution used in such cases to avoid tooth extraction, and the results are natural-looking and beautiful to look at. Chips happen most often when a person bites into a particularly hard piece of food, or is struck in the mouth by an object. Whereas cracks happen most often in the molars, and this is commonly the result of teeth grinding. Whatever caused your teeth to chip or crack, a veneer will quickly repair the damage, while protecting your teeth from worse damage.

Reducing Gaps

Some people are born with large gaps between their teeth, a genetic condition called diastemas. With the aid of porcelain veneers, built specifically by your dentist, you should be able to dramatically reduce the gaps and make your mouth appear more full. Gaps in the mouth are hard to ignore, and you deserve the confidence to smile brightly for anyone you see. A bright, white smile can make a hugely positive change in a person’s life, and your dentist should be able to work with you to consider your veneer options.