The Surprising Reasons People Get Teeth Whitening Done

If you have ever thought about having your teeth whitened, you are one of millions who have considered the idea this year alone. Teeth whitening is the number one requested cosmetic service in the dentistry world, and its popularity will continue to grow, so long as society loves to see white, beautiful smiles. Although teeth are not naturally bright white, no one enjoys seeing yellow teeth reflected back at them in the mirror. There are many common reasons behind this decision, but some of those reasons may surprise you.


Soda, coffee, wine, and tobacco smoke are just a few of the many things that can cause teeth to stain over time, making teeth whitening something to consider. This is often the reason people think about having this procedure done, and the results are immediate. After approximately an hour in the dentist’s chair, your teeth will be whitened by up to eight shades, meaning your smile will be dramatically brighter than before your appointment.

Stop Smoking

Humans are visual creatures, and having teeth whitening done may be one way to help you quit smoking for good. Whenever you have a habit of smoking or chewing tobacco, it can be hard to handle the withdrawal symptoms without incentive. Whitening your teeth should help you, by giving you something to maintain. After all, you put good money into the procedure and received beautiful results, and smoking or chewing tobacco will only ruin your efforts. For this reason, some smokers choose to whiten their teeth to help them break their habit with fewer difficulties.

Special Occasions

Weddings, business meetings, and important interviews are some reasons people choose to whiten their teeth. When you are about to have your big day, you want to ensure you stand out for the right reasons. Your beautiful white dress will only make yellow teeth look yellower, but whitened teeth will shine gorgeously and set you apart from everyone else at the party. Studies have found that people perceive others with white teeth to be more successful, attractive, and approachable.

Thus, whitening your teeth before you go into a business meeting, or interview, may make the difference between success and be overlooked. In many cases, convincing another company to merge, or getting the job, boils down to your first impression, and white teeth will help you make the best impression possible.

Some people choose to whiten their teeth simply to feel their best, and the confidence boost is immediate. Whatever you want to do for your smile, whitening is a cost-effective way to make a big statement, and you deserve the chance to smile brightly, without hesitation.