Signs You Need Emergency Dentistry

Modern technology has made emergency dentistry better than ever before, and you can now rest easy knowing that any emergency you face can be treated. However, many people do not know how to tell what is, and is not an emergency. Dental pain is one of the most common reasons people choose to visit an emergency dentist, and a toothache may be triggered by quite a few situations.

For example, you may cause a hairline fracture in your tooth by biting something particularly hard to chew, something that would cause immediate and severe pain. Generally, a throbbing pain occurs in a restored tooth when the filling has fallen out, or you may feel pain after drinking liquids that are cold or hot. Therefore, a toothache is your first sign of trouble and will tell you exactly when you need to consult emergency dentistry, but there are other signs you can look for that can tell you the same thing.

Broken Teeth

A tooth can break at any moment due to a number of causes, such as being struck in the mouth, or biting something too hard for it to handle. If your tooth breaks, you will immediately feel severe pain that will make it impossible to eat, or speak, without difficulty. For this reason, you need to call on emergency dentistry right away, to reduce pain faster and treat the issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, apply a cold compress to the area to minimize any swelling of the soft structures, and minimize movement of your mouth.

Broken Jaw

Road accidents, physical attacks, and even a simple fall can cause your jaw to be fractured or broken, and emergency dentistry can help to save your jaw from long-term problems. Immediately after the incident, call an ambulance and try to stop any bleeding and swelling by applying cold pressure to the affected area. A trained emergency dentist should be able to set your broken jaw and take steps to keep your teeth properly aligned for correct healing.

Lost Fillings

When you lose a filling, the soft inner tissue of your tooth is exposed to the open air, and this can cause infection, pain, swelling, and severe sensitivity to hot and cold. Call an emergency dentist immediately after losing the filling to have the tooth cleaned and the filling replaced quickly. Doing so will help you avoid infection and return your tooth to its optimum functionality.