A Discussion about Dental Health and Teeth Whitening

Whether we know it or not, most of us show our teeth a lot, especially in social situations where we are laughing, smiling, and talking in an animated manner. This means that everyone else is seeing our teeth and while this may not be of great consequence for some people, for those with stained teeth it can have a devastating impact on self-esteem, self-confidence, and their social life. In fact, some people in this situation even feel as if they cannot go out and simply isolate themselves in order to guard against extreme embarrassment. For these people, a teeth whitening process from a professional and qualified dentist is ideal.

Why Our Teeth Become Stained

Our teeth have a lifecycle. We start life with no teeth at all, and then our first teeth begin to grow. As we get older and develop, we lose these teeth and they are replaced by our adult teeth. These are the teeth we will have for life, and they must be cleaned and their health must be maintained at regular intervals. The problem is that over time our teeth become stained by foods we eat such as coffee and wine, whether we are smokers, and how effectively we brush and keep them clean.

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

There are now some very simple but effective dental techniques that can whiten teeth. In fact, many dentists now offer a whitening service that can be completed over several quick sessions in the dental chair. What many dentists have noticed is that after a tooth whitening program, most of their patients have experienced a great boost in self-confidence and self-esteem.

Given the devastating impact that stained and discoloured teeth can have on a person’s social life, whitening teeth is more often about helping people to cope in life and providing them with a way out of their feelings of embarrassment. Various whitening procedures exist, and include:

  • Gel: One of the most common processes involves a special whitening gel that is applied directly to teeth. This can be applied by a dentist across several visits and allows him or her to use a more powerful gel substance. He or she may also use UV light to speed up the bleaching process. To do it at home, the dentist can produce an exact mould of teeth and then make a high-grade mouthpiece that fits snugly over the teeth. This can then be filled with the gel by the patient at home for whitening.
  • Toothpaste: Some people opt for a whitening toothpaste that contains an abrasive substance that roughens the surface of teeth and clears away the stains over time. Though toothpaste is popular, a tooth whitening process using hydrogen peroxide gel and laser treatment is typically faster and more effective.

Whitening teeth is considered a cosmetic procedure, but the obvious boost to self-confidence that can occur after the procedure has been completed successfully shows that it is of great benefit to patients. In fact, some people find it a life-changing procedure. This makes it more than merely just another cosmetic procedure for some.